Welcome back – Updates

Hello everyone. I am glad to say I am at a place physically where I feel able to put forth not only the energy, but also the patience for recording gameplay and creating more content, i.e blog posts, videos. For those that might not know, I went under the knife June 14th for a C5-6 Spinal Fusion. Leading up to the surgery was a bit crazy


So with that being said, I have picked up a bunch of games recently (Zombie Army Trilogy, State of Decay, Star Citizen, Battlefield 1, & Elder Scrolls Online) as well as started playing some older games (Lord of The Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic). So stay tuned for more updates! And thank you to all those who have sent well wishes during my time of recovery.

Sims4 – Vampires


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Hello gamers and welcome to my series on Sims4: Vampires. So far this game pack has been pretty uneventful until tonight. I am still in my starter house, still broke, and still just bumming around getting the hang of the game. I am currently trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with this game pack. I mean obviously I want to be a creature of the night, so becoming a Vampire is deffinatley on the bucket list. But do I want to get a job? Do I want to fall in love? Do I want to make a custom house? Who know? I sure as hell don’t at this point and time.


And then I was visited by this guy, who I believe is names Gabriel. I will have to check on that and get back to you. But, this gentleman welcomed me to the neighborhood so I invited him in for some chit chat seeing I needed to complete those tasks to make my sim feel happy. It became apparent right away by the fashion choice and mannerisms that this gentleman was indeed a vampire. This lead to my sim wanting to ask questions about vampires, their lore, etc.


This of course resulting in me, getting bite, by my friendly neighborhood vampire! Right before this happened, Gabriel put me into this kind of daze before biting. And while I would have preferred to have been turned by a lady vampire, the process has started….



And yes, the end of the initial process resulted in me having to drink some blood. No big deal right?


Subnautica – Starting Fresh


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264710_screenshots_20170227134106_1Subnautica is a game I have been playing off and on since the it’s alpha launch. This is a game that is just purely amazing to play. It’s breathtaking imagery and sounds makes it not only wonderful to look at while playing, but also gives you that feeling of being apart of the environment. As I have said, I have been playing this game off and on for a while now, and have decided to come back to it with a fresh beginning. I was pleasantly surprised by the updates and how well the game looks and feels this time around.

Starting off I was greeted with the all to familiar rush of adrenaline as my ship, the Aurora264710_screenshots_20170227095955_1 is crashing. As my character jumps into the escape pod barely avoiding destruction via ship explosion. I am rocked to the planets surface, finding myself being knocked out in transit by a damaged part of my escape pod. My character wakes up amid a fire in the escape pod and scrambles to grab a fire extinguisher. After the flames are put out, and I introduced to my new tech equipment data pad and prepare to set off to see this new planet I have just been made a resident of.

264710_screenshots_20170227095925_1As I exit the escape pod I am confronted by a world that seems to be completely water. Diving into the water I explore my immediate surroundings and determine that there are no immediate threats in my area. This relaxes me a bit and I swim around exploring my surrounding picking up resources as I see them. My first goal is to gather enough resources to craft more air tanks, flippers, food, water, and something to protect myself with….

Star Wars: The Old Republic


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Last night started a new adventure in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have decided to start over with a new character on a new server. For this character I went with the (Race), and Scoundrel class. For server, I chose Ebon Hawk as it is a PVE server. I have decided for this character I want to go with the healer route, so I have decided Sawbones for my advanced class. When choosing my profession I chose armstech, with slicing and scavenging as my gathering skills.


My previous characters include a Gunslinger, Imperial Agent, and Sith Inquisitor, so this class is a bit different, but also fun at the same time. So far I have not gotten into a situation or group dynamic where I am the healer or support, so most of my playing has been running and gunning through content so far. At current time, my character is at level 23 and is currently on the Republic Fleet getting ready to travel to Coruscant. More adventures and videos to come!



Rust – The Rusty Loo Server


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252490_screenshots_20170226131817_1Once again it’s time for an update. This month has been a pretty hectic one, but rest assured I have been playing games, and have been taking some screencaps to document my journeys. I have not been recording any gameplay as of late due to the fact that I am working on ways to improve my videos, I.E , new intro and better editing software to name a few. But today I want to talk about Rust. No I am not talking about the brown nasty stuff that gets on your car or garage, I am speaking about the survival sandbox of a game.

This is a game that starts you of as a naked or nakie as I like to say and you must forage for 252490_screenshots_20170218144135_1survival. Among the things you need to do for survival, you must make a base of operations where you can store and build up your goods. I know I know, this sounds like all the other survival games out there, but this one is different. The sole purpose of surviving in this game is to build up enough so that you can raid other peoples bases, equipment, and storage. This game is very dependent on PVP, although are are PVE servers. Currently I play on the Rusty Loo server, which is hosted by my friend Lue, or as many know him Luezer. This server is a single, double, trio, and quad server designed to be noob friendly.

252490_screenshots_20170226144008_1Now before you say Noob Friendly? I’m a noob. When I say noob friendly, that is in reference to the fact that it is OK for new people to ask questions as they learn how to play. This in no way shape or form means you are not about to be shit on and have everything you just slaved over the past 4 hours stolen or destroyed. No No No young ones, like me, you will get raided, killed, and probably molested by a tin can armor wearing raider. lol, ok, so you might not get molested, but your deffinatley going to have a challenging time. So for those who like a challenge, join me and others on this awesome server.


Sims4 – Vampires, Episode II

Welcome back for the second installment of my playing of Sims 4 – Vampires. While I am no closer to being a vampire, I am still enjoying it and having a bit of fun. So far I am still a bit underwhelmed with the small playable area and the lack of ways to complete things. I do hope this game continues to be enjoyable. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

My Star Wars Tattoo

tattoo1This Tattoo was designed and applied by Brian Hopson of Ocean Mystique’s Ink Gallery in Virginia Beach, Virginia

In total, the tattoo took approximately 10 hours to complete. I did this in one sitting. Yes, I know what your thinking. “10 hours? no way….”. Well I assure you, yes it took ten hours, and yes, ten hours of getting tattooed takes much dedication and lots and lots of distractions.

Here was my tattoo timeline:

  • 10:00 am – Laughing and joking with the tattoo artist while he apply’s the stencil and starts on the outline.1
  • 1:00 am – Admiring how awesome the design looks while outline is being done.
  • 12:00 pm – Wife Stacey shows up and takes a look. outline still being done.
  • 1:00 pm – Stop for lunch, have some pizza, fellow shop workers stop to check out the tattoo.
  • 2:00 pm – Back at it, finished up outline, started shading.
  • 3:00 pm – Still shading, and touching up outline. <em>(ouline is now sore and five hours in a chair is taking its toll)
  • 4:00 pm – Andrew stops by to check things out. Says “that looks painful”, shading still taking place.
  • 5:00 pm – Shading is now complete. We take a break. Sitting in a chair is now becoming tough to do. Arm is very sore.
  • 6:00 pm – Coloring of the tattoo commences. The end is in sight.
  • 7:00 pm – I WANT OUT OF THIS CHAIR!!! my arm hurts. Coloring is still being done.
  • 8:00 pm – I want to curl up in a ball and cry. My arm is so swollen, sore, and tender to the touch.  Tattoo Complete.

Photo Manipulation




This excellent example of photography was taken by Danny Warren, and features two members (Jeremy Warren and Chris Davis) of the Virginia Beach Star Wars Fan Force, The Tidewater Alliance.

Photo manipulation is a tricky business, even for the more experienced. With the right amount of patience and persistence, your images will begin to take on the form that you envisioned. Before I even put my cursor over the toolbar in Photoshop, I look at the image that I am working on and decide what I want to do overall. Then I figure out what in the image needs to be removed, what needs to stay, and what needs to be tweaked or adjusted. When making these types of decisions, it is important to remember what your personal limitations are with the program and images. Another resource that is always helpful to learn and know is the History panel. In times of frustration, this panel can become your best friend.

Step 1. Quick Selection Tool / Polygonal Lasso Tool

For tphotomanip12his photograph, I decided to remove the sky, light poles, people, etc. After opening the image i
n Photoshop, I doubled clicked the image. Doing this unlocks the image and allows you to rename it. At this point I added a new layer and designated it as the background layer. I then started the process of removing the sky by using the Quick Selection and Polygonal Lasso Tools. This is usually one of the most tedious processes in manipulating and retouching photos as sometimes the tools have a mind of their own. If and when this happens, just remember to take a deep breath and keep at it. After I removed all sections of the blue sky, I did the same to the small sign located underneath the two individuals in the picture. At this point, my image looked like this.

Step 2-3. Layer Manipulation/Blending

photomanip21After all the sections I wanted out of the image were taken care of I added my new background. Once the new background was in place, it was easy to see where I needed to go over with the Healing Brush and Clone Stamp Tools. Once everything was in place I noticed that I did not like how the background actually sat in contrast with the mid-ground. I used the Ctrl-T function on the layer to adjust the layer and put it on an angle. Then I added my custom science fiction sign. Around the tree edges I carefully used the Burn Tool to slightly darken around the trees, giving a blending effect with the darker background color. This tool was also used in spots inside the two shadows for depth. I also used the Dodge Tool to lighten certain spots in the new background.

Step 4. Rotoscoping

photomanip4For the finishing touch, I rotoscoped both individuals lightsabers, green for the Jedi, and red for the Sith. To accomplish the rotoscoping feature, you must have the LI actions installed in PhotoShop. The tools used to accomplish this feature are the Pen Tool, Custom Shape Tool, and the Line Tool. Normally you would use the saber settings that matched when the picture was taken, i.e nighttime photo, dark settings. This picture was taken during the daylight, but due to the darker background I introduced, I decided to go with darker saber settings.

Rotoscoping images is pretty easy if you have the correct program, tools, and patience. If you are new to rotoscoping or are even remotely interested. I will be making a rotoscoping tutorial in the near future so make sure you check for updates and new blog posts.

Sims4 – Vampires


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I have always been a fan of the Sims games, and while I only started playing Sims through Sims 3, I can say that this is a game that is nice and relaxing. First I can say that this game pack is a bit underwhelming. I was honestly hoping for more content with this game pack. There are times in the game you will be asked to travel to the museum, or go somewhere else. The only problem with that is the Vampire village you play in consists of 4 main plots with houses and a central park type area…and thats it. This is the first bit of gameplay from the Vampires game pack. Tune in for not only more of this game pack, but also more of Sims 4 in general. Enjoy!

The Dissection of Silent Bob

smithSilent Bob, aka Kevin Patrick Smith, has been a mainstay in media and in our hearts since 1994 with his now cult classic Clerks. Through television, movies, and more recently the internet radio, Smith, his movies, and the characters within are known and loved by many, most notably the famous duo Jay & Silent Bob. In this blog I will dissect and describe through his body of work, why I believe Kevin Smith exemplifies Auteur Theory.

Auteur Theory that holds that a film’s director is its “author”. The director oversees and “writes” the film’s audio and visual scenario and therefore is considered more responsible for its content than the screenwriter. Supporters maintain that the most successful films bear the distinctive imprint of their director.

First and foremost, Kevin Smith for the majority of his movies is the writer, director, and in one shape or another is a notable character in the movie. Usually Smith plays comic relief through his portrayal of Silent Bob. Even though he was the director for these movies, Smith comprised this role as Silent Bob through his movies “Clerks”, “Mallrats”, “Chasing Amy”, “Dogma”, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, and “Clerks II”. Another ever present stamp on Smith’s films is the adult themed humor. While this can be said for just about any film, there is a certain quality that makes it noticeable as his.

Secondly, no matter what movie in the long list of Kevin Smith movies you are watching, you can bet that you’re going to see parts of New Jersey that you have never seen before. As someone who is from Highland, New Jersey, Smith is all about representing his home state, and reminding us through his films that New Jersey is more than mobsters and housewife’s. Along with having New Jersey in each movie, we are always treated to the wondrous antagonist. Whether it be Randle from “Clerks”, Brodie from “Mallrats”, or Gertie from “Jersey Girl”, we are always presented with someone who pushes the main storyline through.

Humor is another stamp that Smith puts into his movies. Most movies today that try and pull off adult humor tend to push the limit of societies taboos. This is often not beneficial. Smith’s comedy in his movies has covered many taboos such as sex, religion, racism, and toilet humor. Smith has the uncanny ability to find the humor in those taboos, and can put them on the big screen without making them overly offensive to most people.

Last but not least, the final stamp to Kevin Smith’s films are his cast. Kevin Smith subscribes to the same methodology as directors Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams, and Tim Burton in the respect that they tend to employ and cast the same actors, some in different roles, and some in recurring roles. Kevin Smith himself, along with Jason Mewes are notably the characters most frequently seen throughout the majority of his films. Other notable familiar faces are Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Brian O’halloran, Jeff Anderson, Andrew Lowery, and Joey Lauren Adams.

It is the above factors combined that put Kevin Smith a cut above the rest and allows him to stand out from his peers. It is also these factors that clearly point to the conclusion that Kevin Smith is a prime example of Auteur Theory. Currently Kevin Smith is producing his new tv show “Comic Book Men” while touring with Jason Mewes and recording the podcast “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old”. While fans wait for the next Kevin Smith hit, this writer is confident that no matter the material, it will still have those classic Kevin Smith attributes that we have all come to love