CMDR Brubacca Checking In

Hello my fellow gamers, and welcome back to my home away from home. As you might have noticed, I have deleted all my previous posts and am starting anew. Welcome to my little corner of the world. I will be kicking this new blog season off with lots and lots of content from Elite Dangerous, the space flight simulator, exploration game.

Flying alongside my fellow Commanders Luezer, Ian, Jittery, and Capn, I hope to bring you a great deal of footage of exploration and exploits. As359320_screenshots_20161124230054_1 you can see in the picture , I started this journey in a sidewinder. Commander Leuzer showed me the ropes and gave me a quick trial by fire as we completed a couple of bounties so that I could purchase a new ship. Unfortunately since that time, I was forced to sell my new ship back so I could upgrade my sidewinder in order to complete more tasks and travel farther.

After parting way with Commander Luezer, I was left to my own devices. I decided to complete some transport missions delivering data, materials, and anything else that would fit into my cargo hold. I did this long enough to make some money and ended up purchasing a Eagle for fun. Within time I realized that I could make money a few different ways. The first being bounty hunting. Due to being a new pilot and not having the best of ships, I have decided to forgo this method until I am either accompanied359320_screenshots_20161125105313_1 by another Commander or I am upgraded further. The second method is mining, but to the fact I need upgrades in not only ship type, but also internal upgrades, that has been postponed. The third way is exploration and delivering/selling data. Again, upgrades are needed to really get out there and get good data.


The fourth way in which I found I could make money is transporting goo359320_screenshots_20161126103205_1ds, whether that be data, materials, goods, or even people. With this information I have decided to purchase a Hauler, and have been hauling goods for the last few days. I intend to purchase better vehicles and look forward to showcasing these adventures with my fellow Commanders.  Enjoy and well see you next time!




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