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Hello fellow Commanders,

Today I bring you my tale of the Guardian Ancient Ruins in Elite Dangerous. This would be my first big adventure in the game outside of bounty hunting and completing community goals. i have seen the vids of other commanders making their way out to these ruins and trying to understand what, when, how, and why these ruins are here, and where did these Guardians go. I can assure you that I came no closer to answering those questions.

First let me describe my ship load-out.

The Ship

  • Ship
    • Asp Explorer
  • Loadout
    • 1C Advanced Discovery Scanner
    • 5E Cargo Rack – 32
    • Vehicle Bay Hanger
      • Scarab SRV

The Trip

This journey started at Felice Dock where I picked up the community goal quest. After plotting the course and making some changes to my ship loadout, the trip there was plotted for 75 jumps, with the last jump ending in the Synuefe xr-h d11-102 system. At first glance the system was empty until I hit that Advanced Discovery Scanner and revieled all the planets in the system. I quickly located the planet of interest and set course.

It took some time, but I was able to finally correct my course and head to the destination in question. During this time, the planet turned dark and it was even trickier to find the ruins. Since visibility dramatically lessened, it was up to my sensors. Once in the vicinity or the desired coordinates, I set my ship down and launched my SRV.

As you can see in the video below, once in the Scarab SRV, the atmosphere of the journey became quite creepy. Against the dark blanket of night, the speckling of stars above, and the desolate terrain, instantly the feeling of  isolation sank in. It was an eerie feeling as I approached what looked like a glowing tower beacon. Was I alone? Was someone watching? These were the thoughts that instantly flooded my mind. Then they appeared, block like structures here and there. Some looked like they were in formation, some looked scattered, and some looked damaged. Every now and then I came across a structure that had a glowing section. Tuning in my scanner, i locked on to these glowing sections and retrieved mysterious data. I also found artifacts scattered here and there throughout the ruins. I was only able to pick up three of these artifacts, but a trip out to these ruins to collect more is certainly warranted in the near future.

After some time and getting close to depleting my fuel supplies, it was time to head back to the ship, dock, and make the trip back to Felice Dock. Unfortunatley I was not able to deliver the scanned data in time to collect the community goal credits, but the adventure was well worth it. I have added below the footage from both my ship cam as well as the srv footage. I have also heard some of the other commanders talking about a site where there are some crashed ships, some of which are not man made….