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galacticon_poster3Back in 2013, local Virginia Beach Star Wars Fanforce: The Tidewater Alliance hosted its fifth science fiction convention on March 30th, 2013. Galacticon in all of its science fiction
glory was started in 2007 by group council members with the intention of bringing another science fiction convention to the Hampton Roads area. What happened was astonishing. Not only did the Tidewater Alliance present the local community with another venue to geek out at, but they had established on of the most anticipated conventions in the Hampton Roads Area.


Poster Design

This is not the first incarnation of this poster. Its first appearance was in 2008 during the marketing of that years Galacticon. The dimensions for this poster are somewhat smaller than the original and sit at 11 x 17. The design incorporates two sidebars, circular objects as planets, and a slight cloud like pattern to represent the Milky Way. No pre-made images were used for this version. It was all hand created. For the planets I used a simple texture filter to give a planet like texture and surface, and then overlayed a black feathered circle to give a sort of eclipse effect.

Font Used:

• Arno Pro

Dodge Tool:

I used the dodge tool to create the Milky Way. You have to be really careful not to overdo it when using this tool. If you do, no worries, you can always go back over it with the burn tool.