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Hello readers,

Today I bring the first “pets” post to my blog. As many of you might have heard, I have quite the collection of animals in my house hold from cats, to dogs, all the way to bearded dragons. Currently I have 5 cats, 2 dogs, 5 bearded dragons, and 3 leopard geckos. Previously those numbers included 1 sulcatta tortoise, and two more bearded dragons. Todays post will focus on my bearded dragons so i hope you enjoy and look forward to more posts about my beardie babies.

Dracarys AKA “Drake”
3Drake was my third bearded dragons that I got in October of 2014. He is a very aggressive, as in Alpha male dragon. He is also one of my biggest bearded dragons. Once out of sight of the other bearded dragons he is a cuddle bug and love to snuggle into my hoodie, or just hang out on my lap watching tv. I am unsure of the type of morph he is, but he appears to be a hypo citrus as he nails and spikes are whitish clear, and obvious citrus color.

Priscilla (named by my daughter)


Picture of my daughter holding Priscilla as a baby

Oh, what is there to say about my darling Priscilla. When we first bought Priscilla, she was one of the first two bearded dragons that I purchased in the beginning of October 2104. We bought her and Khaleesi at the same time as babies. To our surprise, Priscilla turned out to be a him when the other female we had in the tank laid a clutch of eggs. Surprise! Surprise!.

10985216_1594671667412016_4172965332086834098_nEither way, Priscilla has been one of the most loving and snuggle friendly bearded dragons I have owned.

Khaleesi (The Mother of Dragons)

kKhaleesi is the other bearded dragon I purchased when I got Priscilla, and boy is she a handful. As her title says, she is the mother of dragons and she like to let everyone know she is boss. This bearded dragon is my far the most alpha female dragon I have ever encountered. And she is the biggest bearded dragon I have ever owned.

Khalessi is adorable, well at least I think so as she only warms up to me. This lovely lady loves to eat horned worms and crickets. not a fan of super worms. I enjoy hand feeding Khalessi as she is really receptive to it and seems to enjoy it.

k2She is not much of the snuggler as she tends to want to explore on her own and get into mischief. This lovely lady is also in love with Drake, and tends to frequently attempt to entice him with arm waves and bobbing of the head.

What I love the most about this lady is that every day I come home, she come come right up to the glass in her tank and get my attention so that I pet her. She loves baths and enjoys swimming around in the tub. All in all a great pet with a great attitude.


12039210_1673584602854055_1402827455066548891_nGhost, or Ghostie as I like to call her is a somewhat recent addition to the family. What really drew me to her was her color. She is a white bearded dragon with splotches of tan and grey. I found this really beautiful and just had to have her. She currently resides in the large 95 gallon habitat with Pricilla and Maleficent. now while many people would shame me for having more than one beaded dragon in the same habitat, let me say that there have never been an incident of aggression, dominance, or bullying in the habitat. They all get along and seem to enjoy each other.

4When I purchased this lovely lady, I was told she was a German White, but who knows. Sometimes I think shops give random morph names to make the animals seem more attractable to buyers. Either way, I loved how she looked and she was very friendly. She is not the most outgoing bearded dragon, and tends to shy away from to much interaction. She deffinatley has her moments when she really wants attention, and other times, is content to just be in her own little world.


6This bearded dragon, out of the dragons I currently own, is the most recent. Not only the most recent, but most perplexing. I picked up this lady as a rescue from my local shop. She was a nip tail, which means that while feeding, one of her fellow clutch mates accidentally bit off her tail during a feeding session. I know, sounds horrible, but in most cases this does not happen. When I saw her at the shop she was obviously the runt of the clutch, but also looked malnourished, and as weird as it seems…sad.

7I took her home and immediately placed her in her own habitat. She did not get any better or happier. She ate, drank, and didn’t shy away from being held, but she was deffinatley not like my other bearded dragons. After a few months of making sure she was on a good diet and eating regularly, I decided to try and see how she would do in a tank with Pricilla and Ghost. SHE THRIVED! She started to be more active, she started to grow, and she genuinely seemed happy. The weird part that I mentioned earlier is that she only grew a small faction. She has stayed relatively small her entire life so far. I feed her separate, spend quality time with her, and she is not being bullied in the habitat. I guess she shall forever be the runt of the family.

Well thats it folks, there are all the bearded dragons I currently own. Following posts will include my dragons who are no longer with us, those I have sold, my leapord geckos, cats, and dogs. So stay tuned and thanks for dropping by!