Sims4 – Vampires

Hello gamers and welcome to my series on Sims4: Vampires. So far this game pack has been pretty uneventful until tonight. I am still in my starter house, still broke, and still just bumming around getting the hang of the game. I am currently trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with this game pack. I mean obviously I want to be a creature of the night, so becoming a Vampire is deffinatley on the bucket list. But do I want to get a job? Do I want to fall in love? Do I want to make a custom house? Who know? I sure as hell don’t at this point and time.


And then I was visited by this guy, who I believe is names Gabriel. I will have to check on that and get back to you. But, this gentleman welcomed me to the neighborhood so I invited him in for some chit chat seeing I needed to complete those tasks to make my sim feel happy. It became apparent right away by the fashion choice and mannerisms that this gentleman was indeed a vampire. This lead to my sim wanting to ask questions about vampires, their lore, etc.


This of course resulting in me, getting bite, by my friendly neighborhood vampire! Right before this happened, Gabriel put me into this kind of daze before biting. And while I would have preferred to have been turned by a lady vampire, the process has started….



And yes, the end of the initial process resulted in me having to drink some blood. No big deal right?



Subnautica – Starting Fresh

264710_screenshots_20170227134106_1Subnautica is a game I have been playing off and on since the it’s alpha launch. This is a game that is just purely amazing to play. It’s breathtaking imagery and sounds makes it not only wonderful to look at while playing, but also gives you that feeling of being apart of the environment. As I have said, I have been playing this game off and on for a while now, and have decided to come back to it with a fresh beginning. I was pleasantly surprised by the updates and how well the game looks and feels this time around.

Starting off I was greeted with the all to familiar rush of adrenaline as my ship, the Aurora264710_screenshots_20170227095955_1 is crashing. As my character jumps into the escape pod barely avoiding destruction via ship explosion. I am rocked to the planets surface, finding myself being knocked out in transit by a damaged part of my escape pod. My character wakes up amid a fire in the escape pod and scrambles to grab a fire extinguisher. After the flames are put out, and I introduced to my new tech equipment data pad and prepare to set off to see this new planet I have just been made a resident of.

264710_screenshots_20170227095925_1As I exit the escape pod I am confronted by a world that seems to be completely water. Diving into the water I explore my immediate surroundings and determine that there are no immediate threats in my area. This relaxes me a bit and I swim around exploring my surrounding picking up resources as I see them. My first goal is to gather enough resources to craft more air tanks, flippers, food, water, and something to protect myself with….

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Last night started a new adventure in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have decided to start over with a new character on a new server. For this character I went with the (Race), and Scoundrel class. For server, I chose Ebon Hawk as it is a PVE server. I have decided for this character I want to go with the healer route, so I have decided Sawbones for my advanced class. When choosing my profession I chose armstech, with slicing and scavenging as my gathering skills.


My previous characters include a Gunslinger, Imperial Agent, and Sith Inquisitor, so this class is a bit different, but also fun at the same time. So far I have not gotten into a situation or group dynamic where I am the healer or support, so most of my playing has been running and gunning through content so far. At current time, my character is at level 23 and is currently on the Republic Fleet getting ready to travel to Coruscant. More adventures and videos to come!