Star Wars: The Old Republic. (Darkside)

The other day I got the bug to play this game again. It seems that no matter what new games are out, or what game I have currently suck endless amounts of time into, I am always drawn back to this game. Is it my deep love for the world of Star Wars, or does this game just perform that well? Either way, I enjoy it and plan to play the crap out of it. When I first started playing this game on a different server in a galaxy far away, I started as a Sith, and chose the Inquisitor class. I felt it fitting that starting out as a new character I revisit that class and see where it takes me.

sith2As I already have a max level Smuggler Gunslinger and Trooper Vanguard, the Darkside choice was a refreshing return to the game. I have always been drawn to the Inqusitor class as I am a huge fan of the Imperial known as Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. For those that do not know the Expanded Universe or are not huge Star Wars fans, the Inquisitor Tremayne in the EU was a past Jedi Apprentice who was captured during the time of the Clone Wars. Not falling victim to Order 66, Tremayne was taken to a desolate planet known as Biss, where he and other imprissoned Jedi and Apprentices were reprogramed per say to join the Empire. Tremayne was eventually taken on as a secret apprentice by non other Darth Vader. Tremayne became one of the founding members of the Imperial Intelligence Division known as the Inquisitors.

sith3For this character we of course started on the planet Koriban at the Sith Academy with that bastard Harkun breathing down our necks. I traversed the catacombs and tombs of past Sith Lords like Tulak Horde, Naga Sadow, and others, all to pass my Sith Apprentice trials. Which I did, and surprise surprise, I was picked up by Lord Zash after I recovered ancient Sith scrolls and freeing the imprisoned Dashade Khem Val. As I reached the appropriate level I chose the Madness line of the Inquisitor class and ended the night at level 17 and stepping foot on the planet Dromund Kass. My last interaction in the game was being confronted by the Sith Lord Darth Skotia. Stay tuned for more! Until then check out some of my screenshots.





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