Wizards, Rangers, and Witches, Oh My!

Thats right people. I have gotten the seven day free trial of BDO or Black Desert Online. As a few friends of mine (Jitterycricket & Japher) are playing this game, I thought it would be fun to check it out and join them for some adventures. While this video has little actual gameplay, I think it highlights just how many options there are to customize your character, and how overall beautiful this game is.

My first impression was WOW, there are so many options and ways to design your character. My second impression was, why cant I change the gender of the classes. While I am all for playing whatever gender suits you, I really wanted to play a male Dark Knight. Now maybe you can, and I just did not figure out how to change the gender, but oh well. I also like to play ranged classes so choosing a Wizard was not that hard of the choice.

So enjoy the short video and check back for more wizarding adventures!





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