Returning to a Galaxy Far Far Away

Thats right ladies and gents, I have returned to the land of lightsabers, bantha’s, and Womp Rats oh my! I’ve been giving gaming a lot of thought lately and recently my gaming has been all over the place. Generally I chase games that others are playing as I like to play games with friends and socialize a bit. While I like playing with friends, sometimes schedules do not mesh or the type of game does not work. I wanted to take it back to a place where I enjoyed gaming, and while I will always default to play games with my friend when available, on the off days where it does not happen, I have the games that started my gaming passions.

Korriban Sith Training

With that I started up my t-16 Skyhopper (only real fans will get that one), and downloaded Star Wars: The Old Republic back onto my computer. There are other games that I will play again, and some new ones you might see, but those are for another day. In starting this game again, I wanted to start fresh instead of jumping back into one of my max level toons. When I first played this game I played as a Sith Inquisitor, later choosing the Assassin sub class. I started playing again roughly a week ago and have enjoyed the starting quests, and then moved on to Dromund Kaas. At this point I have been knocking out quests as they come along but also have been stopping the traditional grind to decorate my stronghold, as well as partake in epic quests.

Throughout my game play I will record and post stronghold walk throughs, armor collections, and group play as it comes along. So stand by and enjoy as I traverse the galaxy causing havoc and discontent!