Rust – The Rusty Loo Server

252490_screenshots_20170226131817_1Once again it’s time for an update. This month has been a pretty hectic one, but rest assured I have been playing games, and have been taking some screencaps to document my journeys. I have not been recording any gameplay as of late due to the fact that I am working on ways to improve my videos, I.E , new intro and better editing software to name a few. But today I want to talk about Rust. No I am not talking about the brown nasty stuff that gets on your car or garage, I am speaking about the survival sandbox of a game.

This is a game that starts you of as a naked or nakie as I like to say and you must forage for 252490_screenshots_20170218144135_1survival. Among the things you need to do for survival, you must make a base of operations where you can store and build up your goods. I know I know, this sounds like all the other survival games out there, but this one is different. The sole purpose of surviving in this game is to build up enough so that you can raid other peoples bases, equipment, and storage. This game is very dependent on PVP, although are are PVE servers. Currently I play on the Rusty Loo server, which is hosted by my friend Lue, or as many know him Luezer. This server is a single, double, trio, and quad server designed to be noob friendly.

252490_screenshots_20170226144008_1Now before you say Noob Friendly? I’m a noob. When I say noob friendly, that is in reference to the fact that it is OK for new people to ask questions as they learn how to play. This in no way shape or form means you are not about to be shit on and have everything you just slaved over the past 4 hours stolen or destroyed. No No No young ones, like me, you will get raided, killed, and probably molested by a tin can armor wearing raider. lol, ok, so you might not get molested, but your deffinatley going to have a challenging time. So for those who like a challenge, join me and others on this awesome server.