Sims 4: Vampires

Thats right ladies and gents. I have purchased the Sims 4 Vampire pack. First and foremost before playing I wanted to create not only a Vampire lair, but also that of a house that is classic and has the look of an old vintage Victorian look. Well as much of a look as I could create with what the pack offered. The inspiration behind this is the simple fact that I liked the Sims 3 Supernatural expansion that I figured I would give this pack a try.

I like to think that I achieved a more modern Victorian look while still being able to keep the atmosphere dark and brooding as a vampires lair should be.  I knw its not abig update or post, but I hope you enjoy it non the less. More will be posted soon as my adventure as recently bitten vampire continues. Enjoy the video and the images!




Sims4 – Vampires

Hello gamers and welcome to my series on Sims4: Vampires. So far this game pack has been pretty uneventful until tonight. I am still in my starter house, still broke, and still just bumming around getting the hang of the game. I am currently trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with this game pack. I mean obviously I want to be a creature of the night, so becoming a Vampire is deffinatley on the bucket list. But do I want to get a job? Do I want to fall in love? Do I want to make a custom house? Who know? I sure as hell don’t at this point and time.


And then I was visited by this guy, who I believe is names Gabriel. I will have to check on that and get back to you. But, this gentleman welcomed me to the neighborhood so I invited him in for some chit chat seeing I needed to complete those tasks to make my sim feel happy. It became apparent right away by the fashion choice and mannerisms that this gentleman was indeed a vampire. This lead to my sim wanting to ask questions about vampires, their lore, etc.


This of course resulting in me, getting bite, by my friendly neighborhood vampire! Right before this happened, Gabriel put me into this kind of daze before biting. And while I would have preferred to have been turned by a lady vampire, the process has started….



And yes, the end of the initial process resulted in me having to drink some blood. No big deal right?


Sims4 – Vampires

I have always been a fan of the Sims games, and while I only started playing Sims through Sims 3, I can say that this is a game that is nice and relaxing. First I can say that this game pack is a bit underwhelming. I was honestly hoping for more content with this game pack. There are times in the game you will be asked to travel to the museum, or go somewhere else. The only problem with that is the Vampire village you play in consists of 4 main plots with houses and a central park type area…and thats it. This is the first bit of gameplay from the Vampires game pack. Tune in for not only more of this game pack, but also more of Sims 4 in general. Enjoy!