Star Wars: The Old Republic – Darth Killer

As the title suggests, I have bee busy. Since my last adventure in the game I have since defeated all the challenges that the planet Dromund Kaas could muster. I became a esteemed member of the Order of Revan/Revanites, strolled through the Dark Temple in search of Tulak Hords relics, and ended up meeting the force apparition of Lord Kallig, not only my Sith Lord Ancestor, but also Tulak Hords greatest rivals! My journey on Dromund Kass ended pretty well as I ended up at level 24 I believe, was sent on an assassination mission to kill Darth Skotia, earned my ship, and traveled off world towards Balmorra to continue my story. And as the title of this update suggests, I can not be called the darth killer, lol.

PS. I also purchased my Dromund Kass stronghold, but more on that in a separate update! Enjoy the following video and screenshots. Dont forget to check back for more SWTOR goodness!




Star Wars: The Old Republic

Last night started a new adventure in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have decided to start over with a new character on a new server. For this character I went with the (Race), and Scoundrel class. For server, I chose Ebon Hawk as it is a PVE server. I have decided for this character I want to go with the healer route, so I have decided Sawbones for my advanced class. When choosing my profession I chose armstech, with slicing and scavenging as my gathering skills.


My previous characters include a Gunslinger, Imperial Agent, and Sith Inquisitor, so this class is a bit different, but also fun at the same time. So far I have not gotten into a situation or group dynamic where I am the healer or support, so most of my playing has been running and gunning through content so far. At current time, my character is at level 23 and is currently on the Republic Fleet getting ready to travel to Coruscant. More adventures and videos to come!